Imagine that the police will arrest your husband tomorrow

Imagine that the police will arrest your husband tomorrow…

Imagine you go on Easter holidays with your two children and when you return you are told that your neighbours were shot to death. And your husband would have loved to spend the Easter holidays together with the family, but in the construction industry there is no chance to go on holiday in spring; his colleagues needed his support.

You and your husband are questioned as witnesses. You are really shocked about this dreadful crime. You are scared, and every night your husband checks that all doors are locked.

And then after 3 months the unimaginable happens: your husband is suspected of having committed the crime. In the morning the doorbell rings and you are told to come to the police station for questioning. Your husband is pulled out of his car, pushed onto the street, leading to a bruised rib.

You are told that your husband is under suspicion of having committed the crime. The evidence: noise nuisance for years and someone has accessed a website on his company PC which explains how to build a sound absorber for a gun.

Finally, you and your husband are allowed to go home. Everyone is shocked about this police action. You and your husband talk a lot about the situation. Your husband does not have a clue why this is happening and assures that he has never accessed this website and that he is not involved in this dreadful crime.

Over several weeks it’s not clear how this suspicion could arise and who accessed the website using his company PC.

Now, imagine that you get pregnant with your third child. You are very happy and look forward to the baby and you no longer think about the suspicion. Your life has returned to normal. Your baby is born and everyone is happy, especially your husband. Imagine that you are baking a cake for your husband’s company to thank your husband’s colleagues for the nice present. You are preparing everything and you and your husband are putting the cake into the car. Your husband offers to take your daughter to school before he goes to work.

Imagine that you say goodbye to your husband by giving him a kiss and telling him “I love you”. Shortly after that the doorbell rings while you are breastfeeding your baby. You are surprised because you weren’t expecting any visitors. It’s the police and you are asked to open the door.

The first thing that comes to your mind is “What is it now?” But then all of a sudden your whole life changes. Your husband has already been taken into custody and is being taken to the judge. Imagine your husband is deemed a murderer. The same evidence as before is presented. But now there is also something else: they also took an old pair of Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) trousers with them on which they found gunshot residues.

Did your husband keep his old army clothes, too?

Your lawyer is on an appointment and cannot assist your husband. In the newspaper you will later read “alleged suspect remains silent”. You have no chance to see your husband before he is confined to prison. It takes about 4 weeks until you are allowed to see him.

Now they can say the alleged criminal has been arrested, the police did an excellent job.

But, …

  • what if he did not commit the crime?
  • What if your husband did not access that website which explains how to build a sound absorber for a gun?
  • What if those disputes with the neighbours took place 8 years ago and there was only a brief verbal dispute?
  • How is your relationship with your neighbour?
  • How come that those who really committed the crime are still on the loose?

All that matters is that they have found someone to declare guilty! Is this fair?

Do you know what kind of life your neighbour lives?

Your husband is not even able to prove his innocence, because he’s in prison. You find a lot of aspects that clear your husband of the charges made against him. You need to spend all your money to prove his innocence. No DNA traces of your husband were found at the crime scene. Even specially trained police dogs did not react to your husband’s scent. There is no such motive as “disturbance of the peace at night” for this dreadful crime. None of your neighbours confirmed any kind of disturbance. It was reported that the victim felt threatened and wanted to get a gun.

What happened?

Why was the victim scared? What did he fear?

Unfortunately, many other questions remained unanswered.

After 19 years of working for the same company your husband is fired. His personal belongings are left in front of your door in a plastic bag – like waste.

You have to explain to your children where their beloved dad is.

Your husband is a calm, helpful, sociable and caring person who loves to watch his children doing sports, who loves to do sports, who loves to go to the movies with his children and who eats pizza and chocolate with them on the couch.

The so-called “trial of the century” started in February 2010 and attracted a lot of press attention. The lawsuit against my innocent husband was carried on for more than 5 months. The longer the lawsuit was carried on the less the audience was convinced that he really was the one who committed the crime. Everyone was expecting my husband to be cleared of the charges and that the District Court of Darmstadt would give the verdict of not guilty.

The sentence of “Guilty, with a particularly high degree of felony” hits you like a hammer.

Imagine that your husband has been in prison for almost 2 years now.

What would you do??????

You know something!
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